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Zee is a writer, host, facilitator, and consultant with a focus on LGBTQ+ rights, anti-racism, Intersectionality and Neurodiversity. They have extensive experience in facilitating and hosting for prominent companies such as Dr. Martens, Burberry, Verizon, Consortium, Culture Shift and more. Their work has been featured in notable organizations such as Stonewall UK, WCS, POCC, WMN Zine and BINADW.

Due to their lived experiences of being a Black, Non-binary and Neurodivergent individual, Zee brings unique and valuable perspectives to their work, with a first-hand understanding of the issues and insights on how to address them effectively. Zee is dedicated to promoting inclusion and equity, and is well-regarded for their ability to engage and educate diverse audiences on important social and cultural topics. 

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Where Blackness, gender, queerness and neurodiversity
 is met 
through thought, reflection and expression.
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