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 Queer Black Digital Library  

Throughout the years I have been able to understand more about my intersectionalities through many of the documents I read and watched, showcased below.


On this page I have listed the articles and other media that I have managed to find and read focussed on Queer Black Lives and particularly on Queer POC, Masculine of Centre narratives. I hope that creating this page will help you to learn more about yourself and others.  

If you would like to receive any PDF articles/books below or if you have any great articles/other media topics you think needs to be put on this page, please contact me here.

Books, Magazines & Articles

Sista! An anthology of writings by Same Gender Loving Women of African/Caribbean descent with a UK Connection

Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity

Queer Around the Word - LGBTQ+ True Stories Anthology

It's About Damn Time

In the Dream House: A Memoir

Honey Girl

Last Night at the Telegraph Club

How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective(PDF)

This Bridge called my back - writings by radical women of color(PDF)

Black Queer Hoe 

BAREED MISTA3JIL - Queer Arab Women's Story(PDF)

The Normal State of Mind by Susmita Bhattacharya

Sister Outsider

Zami: A New Spelling of My Name(PDF)

Black Queer Studies:A Critical Anthology(PDF)

Boy-Wives and Female Husbands - Studies in African Homosexualities (PDF)

Female Masculinity(PDF)

Stone Butch Blues(PDF)

Butch is not a Dirty Word - Magazine



Gender Failure(PDF)

No Tea, No Shade

New Writings in Black Queer Studies(PDF)

Black on Both Sides - A Racial History of Trans Identity(PDF)

Persistence - All Ways Butch and Femme(PDF)

Looking Queer - Body Image and Identity in Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Communities(PDF)

The Queer Art of Failure(PDF)

Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection

Afrekete: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Writing 1995 (PDF)

Bright Lines by Tanwi Nandini Islam

Article: Diverse sexuality isn't alien to Africa - homophobia is

Article: Homophobia came to India, not homosexuality

Article: Anthropologists Hid African Same-Sex Relationships

Freedom To Love For ALL: Homosexuality is not Un-African



Under Your Nose- the story of the first black Lesbian

and  Gay Center in London

'If she grows up Gay'(1983)

"The Lesbian and the Black Church"

Lesbian Parents: Tess and Nikina’s Story

Dyke TV Volume 1: Best of Fall '93

Dyke TV Volume 2: Best of Winter 94

Dyke TV Volume 3

Dyke TV: lesbian representation behind the scene

The Black Lesbian Handbook (Full documentary)

Butch:Not like the other girls

Miss UnderSTUD

The First Ever Dyke March 1993

Janae Johnson - "Black Butch Woman"

It's time to Redefine Masculinity

Dear Black Love

Conference:  “Deviant” Pasts, Subversive Futures?

Meeting The Black Queer Creatives Of South Africa

Being Masculine And Feminine As A Stem | The Black Lesbian Handbook

LesTalk Radio


Go Big or Go Home: Plus Size Inclusion in Queer Fashion

Butch Lesbians Embrace Their Bodies & Masculinity.

The Peculiar Kind

Rainbow Films

Webserie: Real Queers

African Allies Series - None On Record

Webserie: Black Lesbian Archives

Webserie: Queer.ious

What is Female Masculinity


Butch Women Talk About What It Means to Be Butch

What Makes “Butch” Hot?

8 Moments Butch Lesbians Know Too Well 

Butch Lesbians Explain : Dating Other Butch Women

Queer People 16-65 Talk About Identity | Cut

Old Lesbians Give Advice To Young Lesbians

Allison Graham Explains the History Behind The Word 'Butch'

| InQueery

*RARE* Interview with Masculine Lesbians

Women In Menswear

Shirt Tips for Androgynous & Masculine Presenting Women 

How To Find Gender Neutral Clothing On A Budget

Dressing Beyond The Binary

6 Satisfying Moments Queer Women Understand

Journal of Lesbian Studies

Unpacking Civic Engagement: The Sociopolitical Involvement of Same-Gender Loving Black Women.

Angelique Harris  & Juan Battle.2013.

Tomboy Chic: Re-Fashioning Gender Rebellion, Jamie Skerski. 2011.


Theorizing the lesbian hashtag: Identity,community, and the technological imperative to name the sexual self.

Andrea P. Herrera. 2017.


(Re)visualizing Black lesbian lives, (trans)masculinity, and township space in the documentary work of Zanele Muholi.

Z'étoile Imma. 2016.


Queer Like Me: Black Girlhood Sexuality on the Playground, Under the Covers,

and in the Halls of Academia

Adalia E. E. James. 2011.


Between butch/femme: On the performance of race, gender, and sexuality in a YouTube web series  Siobhan Brooks. 2017.


Situating Cyber zone: Black lesbian identity in comics

Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy

Identity and Cultural Narrative in a Lesbian Relationship

M. Theodora Pintzuk LCSW. 2008.

The Black Scholar

"She has a real connection with them”: Re-imagining and expanding our definitions of Black masculinity and mentoring in education through female masculinity. Bettina L. Love. 2016.

Play Aunties and Dyke Bitches: Gender, Generation, and the Ethics of Black Queer Kinship. 2019.


 “Ghetto Heaven”: Set It Off and the Valorization of Black Lesbian Butch-Femme Sociality. Kara Keeling (2003)


Studs and Protest-Hypermasculinity: The Tomboyism within Black Lesbian Female Masculinity

The John Hopkins University press

Gender within the lesbian sexuality: Butch and Femme perspectives.

Heidi M. Levitt & Katherine, R. Hiestand. 2006.

Critical Studies in Media Communication

“Making a gay masculinity”

Fred Fejes. 2009.


 Queer Black Feminism: The Pleasure Principle. Laura Alexandra. 1996.

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

Queer Theory and Native Studies: The Heteronormativity of Settler Colonialism. 2010.

Queer Studies African Studies: An (Im)possible Transaction. 2016.

Black Atlantic, Queer Atlantic: Queer Imaginings of the Middle Passage, Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley. 2008.

Journal of Constructivist Psychology

Butches, Femmes, and Feminists:

The Politics of Lesbian Sexuality

Elizabeth A. Smith. 1989.

Journal of Homosexuality


Seeing Double, Thinking Twice

Jean Bobby Noble. 2008.


Feminine but Not Femme

Diana Luzzatto & Liora Gvion. 2008.

You Look Like a Dude, Dude”: Masculine Females Undoing Gender in the Workplace, Raine Dosier. 2018.

Patriarchy, Power, and Female Masculinity. Athena Nguyen. 2008

Women & Performance journal


Lesbian masculinity or even stone butches get the blues,

Judith Halbersta. 2008.

Women's Studies in Communication


An Appetite for Activism: The Lesbian Avengers and the Queer Politics of

Visibility. Erin J. Rand. 2013.

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