Democracy  18' - 19'

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 Events  2019

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Virtual Events

Sept - Oct 20' 

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Video Highlights 

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Public Services & Achievements 



‘A sense of belonging’ – LGBTQ Zine – University of Arts London, 2020.


‘People of Colour Series’ – People of Shoreditch Photography & Interview Documentary, 2019.


‘The nod is not just enough anymore’ - Decolonizing the Curriculum Zine –

University of Arts London, 2019.


‘Being Bi-cultural in Holland’ – Winner Essay Contest ‘This is me’ – The Hague,

The Netherlands 2016.


Host & Panelist


Panelist, Queer History, Moonlight Experiences, July 2020.

Panelist, House of Pride x Z Monteiro, House of Pride, July 2020.

Panelist, Black Culture and its effect on LGBTQ+ History, Brookes University Oct. 2020

Panelist, Growing up BAME/POC, Brookes University, Feb. 2020.

Host, Inside the Industry – Black History Month Series,

University of Arts London, 2019.


Host, Too Gay for God – LGBTQ History Month Series,

University of Arts, London, 2019.

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Where Blackness, Queerness and Gender is met 
through thought, reflection and expression.